KUMHO ECSTA SPT KU31 255/35R18 94Y

$ 181.00

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Winner of an Australian Design Award, the Kumho Ec



255/35R18 94Y

Winner of an Australian Design Award, the Kumho Ecsta SPT KU31 is for sports drivers wanting a fine balance of comfort, high performance and safety in all conditions. This award-winning tyre provides maximum grip and wet hydroplaning resistance thanks to the silica compound. Featuring an asymmetric groove design and directional tread, it provides both high-speed stability and low road noise.

Key Features

  • High dispersion silica expands compound performance envelope
  • Race proven carcass design with jointless cap plies, wide steel belts, ESCOT carcass profile and high durometer apex
  • Three-dimensional lateral grooves
  • Triple tread radius optimizes footprint shape
  • Shoulder blocks tilted into direction of travel
  • Rim Protector in the lower sidewall

Key Benefits

  • For superior wet grip and better treadwear
  • Delivers razor sharp response and extreme grip without compromising ride quality
  • Optimize water evacuation in footprint
  • For even pressure distribution
  • To improve grip and reduce worn noise

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