KUMHO SOLUS KL21 235/55R18 100H

$ 167.00

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The Kumho Solus KL21 is a tyre developed using env



235/55R18 100H

The Kumho Solus KL21 is a tyre developed using environmentally friendly rubber, filter oil and other eco elements, and is ideal for the modern SUV. With its focus on safety and stylish bamboo tread pattern, the Solus KL21 has a reduced rolling resistance, an exceptional level of grip, excellent handling and ultimate ride comfort.

Key Features

  • Non directional tread design
  • 4 channel grooves for reduced hydroplaning
  • Shapes within the grooves act as stone ejectors
  • Centre solid rib block to increase handling stability
  • Variable pitch technique applied to minimise noise during travel
  • Solid knurling design along the circumference of the sidewall
  • Grooves applied to the shoulder side to reduce heat generation

Key Benefits

  • Fuel savings of 3% - 5%
  • Low noise
  • Superb traction performance on wet and dry roads, with reduced rolling resistance
  • Reduced heat generation
  • Environmentally friendly

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